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Our editorial takes a break from political musings to discuss how the end of a life doesn't have to mean the end of a dream – especially when the life was a big part of helping to make that dream come true. Chedabucto Education Centre / Guysborough Academy recently held their Special Awards ceremony, and we've got photos of the recipients. Born with Sea Legs sails into port with another visual catch-of-the-day. From the Cruiser is back, plus Community News and much more!

MODG council

CLC construction on schedule
By Helen Murphy

GUYSBOROUGH – At last Wednesday’s regular monthly council meeting, councillors learned that the Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex (CLC) construction is proceeding according to specifications and on schedule. As well, councillor Blair George reported that the community fundraising initiative is now at $350,000, with a goal of $500,000.

Conviction overturned four years after altercation in Sunnyville
By Helen Murphy

John Arthur Borden’s conviction for assault and sentence to five years’ jail time following an altercation outside a Sunnyville home on June 28, 2013 has been quashed by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. Judge Duncan Beveridge found the trial judge’s failure to charge the jury about how to deal with prior statements was inadequate. He allowed the appeal and ordered a new trial, to be undertaken at the discretion of the Crown.

Recount confirms Hines elected
By Helen Murphy

A judicial recount of the ballots in the riding of Guysborough–Eastern Shore–Tracadie was conducted June 9 in Halifax under the supervision of Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. Incumbent Liberal Lloyd Hines was confirmed as winning the seat.

UARB orders MODG to pay $304,000 for fees related to Goldboro expropriation
By Helen Murphy

GUYSBOROUGH – A company that appealed the value the Municipality of the District of Guysborough applied to its interest in expropriated land in Goldboro filed a claim of $581,043 in legal and other costs. Last Thursday, June 8, the UARB released its decision in the case, ordering MODG to pay $303,912 for costs incurred by PEV International Research and Development Inc. in its appeal of the expropriation payment decision.

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