Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Guysborough Journal is a weekly community newspaper serving all of Guysborough County. Published by Addington Publications Ltd. since 1994, The Journal is dedicated to providing fair and comprehensive coverage of Guysborough County issues and events to our readers.

What started as a monthly publication with one full-time staff member, a couple of part-timers and freelance writers, has grown into a weekly paper.

A bi-weekly publishing schedule was adopted after our first year. Then, with the 1998 launch of the Sable Offshore Energy Project in Guysborough County, The Journal went weekly. The paper became the official newspaper of the onshore Sable project, and has closely covered the emerged oil and gas industry in Guysborough County ever since. At the completion of the Sable plant construction project, The Journal produced Birth of an Industry: The Sable gas project in Guysborough County.

Birth of an Industry marked The Journal's entry into high-quality specialty publications. Since publishing Birth of an Industry, we have produced the past two Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition programs and St. Francis Xavier University's Come Home 2000 program.

The Journal is independently owned and operated by Helen Murphy.


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