Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Vegetables, fruits and jams for sale. Delivery around Guysborough / Boylston possible. For orders or pickup, please call Hortons Cove Local Farm at 902-338-1000.

Eight-foot lengths of firewood. Cut over one year ago. Asking price of $85 per cord. Call Ernie Kelly at 902-533-2934.


Large, modern one-bedroom apartment on main floor of seniors building in Boylston. Building is very well kept and has five other seniors. Coin-operated laundry room and a beautiful view of the water. One-year lease and rent is $850 per month, utilities extra. Email pepco24@hotmail.com (leave a phone number and you will be called).


Get up to $50,000 from the Government of Canada. Do you or someone you know have any of these conditions: ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, cancer, COPD, depression, diabetes, difficulty walking, fibromyalgia, irritable bowels, overweight, trouble dressing – and hundreds more. All ages and medical conditions qualify. Have a child under 18? Instantly receive more money. Call Nova Scotia Benefits at 1-800-211-3550 or send a text message with your name and mailing address to 902-701-1245 for your free benefits package.


Taken from A Medical Point of View by Professor V. Wright: “’HURRY, WORRY, BURY’ has been the epitaph suggested for many people in this world. The increasing number of people taking drugs, the rising incidents of stress-related diseases, the frequency of attempted suicides reflect sadly on our modern day society and do demand an answer. No doubt that a proper regard for the Lord’s Day would help improve these problems. Speaking as a physician there are good reasons physically, mentally and spiritually why we should set aside the first day of the week as a special day unto the Lord.” Visit our website at www.clda.ca.