Mulgrave prepares to face UARB on amalgamation

By Lois Ann Dort    
June 8 2016

MULGRAVE – The Province of Nova Scotia has submitted and signed its Letter of Intent to the Utility and Review Board (UARB) regarding the dissolution of the Town of Mulgrave and amalgamation with the Municipality of the District of Guysborough. But the terms put forth by the Province are not agreeable to either municipal unit involved.

After Monday night’s regular council meeting, Mulgrave Mayor Lorne MacDonald said the MODG and Mulgrave would present their position to the UARB when a hearing on the issue was held. The date of that hearing has yet to be announced.

The main sticking points for the municipal units in the Letter of Intent from the province are the downloading of cost to the municipality for the future demolition of the Mulgrave school when it closes, water infrastructure repair, and repairs to a 6.2 km stretch of Main Street in Mulgrave.

The slower than anticipated movement towards amalgamation means that Mulgrave will take part in the upcoming municipal election cycle in October. Council was informed at Monday’s meeting that whoever was elected as mayor would serve as the councillor representing the Mulgrave area on MODG council once amalgamation had occurred. “If they decide to dissolve, say July 1 of next year, what will take place is the mayor would automatically be the Mulgrave representative until the next election,” said MacDonald, noting that he expected a number of people to run for the mayoral position in the election because many people had expressed an interest in holding the council position for Mulgrave in the MODG.

In other business, troubles with the new water treatment plant persist. Cracks in the wet wells have been fixed but a problem arose with the incoming water pressure to the plant which resulted in a failure to supply the necessary amount of water for commissioning. “The pressure is not high enough. It is only six pounds where it should be 15 pounds. It is not giving the water to the plant that is required. We are not happy with that...The question was asked many times, ‘Is there enough pressure,’ and we were told, ‘Yes, yes.’ So council is not happy with that,” said MacDonald. Engineers are currently being contacted to find a solution to this, the latest problem to plague the new water treatment facility.