St. Mary's council supports Fort Mac

By Lois Ann Dort    
June 15 2016

SHERBROOKE – The District of the Municipality of St. Mary’s voted in favour of donating $1000 to the Canadian Red Cross for the Fort Mac relief effort at Monday’s regular council meeting. Like many other Nova Scotian municipalities there are few residents who have not been touched by the wildfire disaster.

Warden Michael Moser told The Journal on Tuesday that many area residents know someone directly affected by the disaster and council was happy to help the people of Fort McMurray get back to their new normal. “Over the years a lot of people have made that transition to working out West or know people that do. Some people are there on a permanent basis and some people rotate back and forth. You can’t talk to too many people that aren’t affected and know people personally that are involved with the Fort McMurray issue. It’s wonderful the way the country will stick together in a time of crisis like this and help support each other,” said Mosher.

Council also voted to proclaim the last week of September 2016 Right To Know Week as requested in an email from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. “It’s celebrating the right of all Canadians to access information from municipalities, public bodies and health custodians. They consider it an opportunity to educate citizens about the rights under the provincial legislation for freedom of information.

“Right to Know Day is September 28, 2016. They want to make it an annual event...People have a right to know what we are doing and how we are managing the public’s money,” said Mosher.