StFX shut out of federal infrastructure funding

August 3 2016

ANTIGONISH – St. Francis Xavier University will not be receiving funding from the new federal Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF).

StFX submitted two proposals for SIF consideration, for the Institute of Government Project, and for the Green Campus Sustainability Project. While advised early in the process that the Institute of Government Project did not meet the criteria for SIF, it was believed the Green Campus Sustainability Project would receive strong consideration given the criteria and the level of positive discussions with federal government representatives. Given its eligibility and impact to the region, the project was deemed a priority by the provincial government.

Highlights from StFX’s proposals included:


  • The creation of 400 well-paying jobs over the two-year construction period, generating approximately $75 million economic injection into the local economy;
  • A reduction of StFX’s annual energy costs by approximately 50 per cent, which would have resulted in more than $2.5 million of operational costs back into academic and student development;
  • A 54 per cent reduction in StFX’s greenhouse gas emissions (the equivalent of 17,000 tonnes per year), and creating a new Canadian standard for campus sustainability.


“The StFX community is deeply disappointed to announce that we have been informally notified that the federal government did not support either application for infrastructure funding at StFX,” wrote StFX President, Dr. Kent MacDonald, in an email to the StFX Campus Community. “Unfortunately, in light of this decision, the Green Campus Sustainability Project is not feasible and will not proceed at this time.”

The Institute of Government Project remains feasible subject to revisions and will move forward for StFX Board of Governors approval in the days ahead.