A sporting day of traditional driving in Sherbrooke

August 31 2016

SHERBROOKE – Another fine day of driving, horse and cart, in Sherbrooke Village was held on August 6, 2016. Seventeen teams participated including Leo from the Village driving a Canadien pair.

Following turnout inspection in the Village square, drivers dispersed to tackle the various challenges around the village as well as wait their turn for the dressage test. Challenges included trying to carry a full wine glass without spilling (around a couple of turns), a figure-eight, a bean-bag toss and a difficult parallel park. Each team was also required to do a timed scurry course in front of the Performance Centre. This completed the morning and all drivers, grooms and volunteers went for lunch at the Tea Room. A poker hand was part of the morning activities and was won (again) by Barb Creelman who donated her winnings to help cover expenses.

Following lunch, the cones course was found to be quite entertaining. It was set tight, and timed to an ideal speed. While there were a few clear rounds, nobody was “double clear”; on time and not knocking down any balls.

While the points were being tabulated, drivers were free to meander through the village. Awards were presented at the Performance Centre. The new Village Director, Stephen Fleming was on hand to pass out the awards and every driver was given an etched wine glass from Sherbrooke Village. Fleming’s presence, and presents, were much appreciated.

Best Turnout was won by Elaine Wescott, driving her Welsh/Arab pony, Win, put to a Country Road Cart made in Pennsylvania. The challenges were won by Kirsteen Thomson driving her pony, Dubious Choice. John MacMillan won cones, driving his Canadien gelding, Max, put to a Pacific marathon cart. Dressage was won by Doug Creelman driving his pair, Cavalier and Star, put to a dressage carriage. The overall winner was Brian Irving with his Connemara pony Finn McCool, put to a Buckeye Road Caret.

Organizers expressed gratitude for the help received from Sherbrooke Village and the St. Mary’s River Smokehouses.

Next year’s event is scheduled for August 5, 2017.