Outgoing Mulgrave Mayor lays out future of town

By Lois Ann Dort    
October 19 2016

MULGRAVE – The coming year will see big changes in Mulgrave with a new mayor following Saturday’s vote and the anticipated amalgamation with the Municipality of the District of Guysborough on the drawing board. Outgoing Mayor Lorne MacDonald says that is something positive that mayor-elect Ralph Hadley has to look forward to. MacDonald says of Hadley, “The people would like to see Hadley be on the council of Guysborough when we go...they will have a strong voice at the table to make sure Mulgrave is dealt with fairly.”

The Utility and Review Board is scheduled to meet in March to make a decision on Mulgrave’s application to dissolve and amalgamate with the MODG.

While wrapping up his own political career for the time being MacDonald says of his 29 years on council, “I enjoyed it while I was there and I helped the people I could help...It’s good to get new people and see some young people get on there and bring their ideas to the table and see what happens.”

Mulgrave still faces the challenge of commissioning the new water treatment. “It’s still not up and running. That’s very discouraging,” says MacDonald.

A pump will be installed at a cost of approximately $60,000 but MacDonald thinks it would be a good option for the town to apply to put in a pipeline from the lake to the water treatment plant. The pipe that is currently used is owned by Port Hawkesbury Paper and not the Town of Mulgrave. “That should be a priority of the new council, to get that started. Things can happen there that we have no control over. If we can get a new pipeline in from the lake that would be very positive for Mulgrave.”

The most recent election in Mulgrave failed to fill all council seats and a by-election has been called for December 3.

Mayor-elect Ralph Hadley was not available for comment before The Journal went to press.