St. Mary’s municipal election results still unsettled

By Lois Ann Dort    
November 9 2016

SHERBROOKE – The constituents of District 3/5 in the Municipality of St. Mary’s will have to wait a little longer to see who will represent them on municipal council. On November 1 the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia agreed to hear the case put forward by the municipality to nullify the October 15 election results in that district due to a number of irregularities that were in contradiction of the Municipal Elections Act.

The court will now review written statements and documents submitted to the court by St. Mary’s solicitor Adam Rogers. A second court date has been set for December 21. At that time the court will either render a decision on the election based on the submitted information or it may require a full hearing with witnesses to resolve the case.

In the meantime residents of District 3/5 don’t have an elected representative and this is a concern for council and residents, says St. Mary’s Warden Michael Mosher. “We put it in the regular monthly newsletter so that everyone would know what was taking place; what was happening. We want to make sure we keep everything visible...They can contact the municipal office at any time. We will make sure they are kept up to date with everything that does transpire. It’s a transparent process.

“We are very eager to see how long this will take because we would like to get that person, whoever it may be, for that district.”

On October 26, all other members of council, other than District 3/5, were sworn in. At the upcoming regular council meeting on November 14, council will elect the warden and deputy warden. The positions may only be interim, until the seventh seat on council is filled. “In order to continue with the work of the municipality we need to have some people in place.”

The Municipality hopes for a timely resolution of the case.