St. Mary’s elects new deputy warden

By Lois Ann Dort    
November 16 2016

SHERBROOKE – Jacqueline Dort councillor for District 6, Goshen and Area, was chosen as the new deputy warden for the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s at the regular council meeting held on Monday, November 14. Dort has been the councillor for District 6 for over 10 years and was the only councillor nominated for the position. The previous deputy warden, David Clark, did not re-offer for a seat on council in the recent municipal elections held in October.

The position of warden continues to be filled by Michael Mosher. No other councillors put their names forward in the nomination process.

Residents in District 3 / 5 continue to wait for the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia to rule on the election outcome. The next court date on the issue is December 21. Warden Mosher said council will take steps to keep the citizens of that district informed while the process is ongoing and the seat remains unoccupied.

Mosher noted that while the Department of Municipal Affairs outlines the process of applying to the court to nullify election results based on demonstrable actions contrary to the Nova Scotia Municipal Elections Act, they don’t advise municipalities on how to handle citizen representation while the application makes its way through the judicial system. There are approximately 250 residents in District 3 / 5 and further consideration of the situation will be discussed in a committee-of-the-whole meeting this week.

“We’re going to cover that in more detail Wednesday, the 16th so we can make sure those residents are adequately served by the municipality...This is new ground for us. And it is something we don’t take lightly. In going to the court we have delayed District 3 / 5 having a representative at the table. We want to make sure they know the situation,” said Mosher.