MODG council

Sable Wind generates $234,000 in November

By Helen Murphy    
December 21 2016

GUYSBOROUGH – We may not praise those November winds, but they came with a cha-ching sound for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough as the Sable Wind project generated $234,000 in revenue. That figure was part of a financial report presented to council at its committee-of-the-whole meeting last Wednesday, Dec. 14.

In the first eight months of this fiscal year starting on April 1, Sable Wind has generated more than $1.75 million, which is shared with Nova Scotia Power after wind farm expenses are deducted. December to March are expected to be the best months for wind generation this fiscal year.

Sable Wind generates enough power in a year to supply power to more than 4600 homes.

Other revenues noted at the meeting include an annual payment of $250,000 from Vulcan Materials for its lease of land at Black Point for a planned quarry. In an interview with The Journal, Warden Vernon Pitts noted that this is a continuing payment. “Even when they go into production they’ll still be paying that $250,000 a year,” he said.

As per a newly adopted policy, MODG has started posting councillors’ expenses on its website. This includes claims made for travel, meals and accommodations.

Council awarded a $30,000 contract to develop MODG’s new strategic plan to MacPherson Roche Smith Consultants. The call for proposals garnered 17 submissions, with five being shortlisted before MacPherson Roche Smith Consultants were selected. Pitts said that work will begin next month and they hope to have it wrapped up in the spring.

“We want input from all communities and people from all walks of life, from students to seniors,” he said of the consultation process.

At the regular council meeting Dec. 14, the need to meet with Dept. of Health officials to discuss maintenance issues at Milford Haven Home in Guysborough and Seaside Manor in Canso was discussed. At Seaside Manor an urgent item is the condition of water pipes, which has resulted in recent leaks. Warden Pitts told The Journal there are also general maintenance items to be discussed, including the state of old furnishings in the homes. The department has responded to MODG’s request and the two parties are now exploring dates for a meeting. Pitts said council wants officials to come down to the district to see the maintenance needs for themselves.