St. Mary’s council seat in legal limbo

By Lois Ann Dort    
December 28 2016

SHERBROOKE – In October irregularities in contradiction to the Nova Scotia Municipal Elections Act were found at two polling stations for the District 3/5 council seat in the District of the Municipality of St. Mary’s during the October 15 municipal election. Upon learning of these irregularities, council decided to make an application the the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia to nullify the election results in that district.

On Wednesday, December 21 the municipality had its second day in court on this matter. At that time the judge in the case stated that he would reserve decision and submit a written decision on the application in the new year.

St. Mary’s Warden Michael Mosher said that the municipality had not expected this outcome on Wednesday. “It was anticlimactic today as we thought we’d get a decision today,” he said but added, the process takes time and must be respected.

The decision, when it is submitted at an undetermined time in the new year, will either agree to nullify the election results or accept them.

Mosher said the municipality is hoping for a speedy decision.