Wolf carries banner for PCs

By Lois Ann Dort    
May 10 2017

GUYSBOROUGH – The standard political pedigree in Nova Scotia often includes a background in law or medicine, but that has been changing in recent years and Rob Wolf is a prime example. This teacher and high school guidance councillor has parleyed his desire to work for the public good into the political arena, as the PC candidate for the Guysborough – Eastern Shore – Tracadie riding in the upcoming provincial election on May 30. The Journal met with Wolf in Guysborough last week to discuss his campaign.

Wolf decided to get into politics to work for his community. “I came here a lot of years ago to teach and it has been very good to me...My teaching career is coming to an end and I am looking for ways to continue to help and serve people in the area. Public service kind of gets in your blood,” he said with a smile.

As a youth Wolf watched pitched political battles at his grandparents’ supper table. As years passed and his own children grew up and moved away, he began to see politics “as less a spectator sport and something that you do to help and benefit others. I see all the results of a lot of hard work of a lot of good public leaders and I want to do the same thing.”

When asked what strengths he brings to the constituency he said, “People want to be heard, things that need to be addressed on the ground; that is a strength for me. I have a pretty good knowledge of the area, I have been working here for a long time and I represent change, a different way of doing things.

“My focus is about how do we make improvements, how do we see growth, how do we see change on the ground in all areas of the riding. That is something that people are looking for,” he said.

“One of the things I hear a lot is the need to keep young people here. All of our demographics are moving towards older and older and we see the area being hollowed out. So if there is one big thing I would like to see is a change in that direction. That’s a long term project. It won’t change overnight but we can begin to see some things change,” said Wolf about the challenges facing the Guysborough – Eastern Shore – Tracadie riding.

When asked to point to specific actions that would help quell youth outmigration, Wolf spoke of infrastructure; roads and internet access. “Rural broadband is a huge issue in a lot of places. And it’s not just a convenience or nice to have; if we want to see growth happen, that is the highway we need to take. To focus on that would be a big building block to rebuild the economy.”

Wolf said if elected he would be responsive to his constituents, hold regular town hall meetings and be in regular contact with riding residents.“Our democratic system allows us to make a choice...a choice towards do we want to see things done differently, do we want change and to think about who best represents that change,” he concluded.