Council news

Mulgrave rejects sewer line tenders, will do work in-house

By Helen Murphy    
June 7 2017

MULGRAVE – At the regular town council meeting on Monday, June 5, councillors reviewed tenders for Mulgrave’s force main sewer line project and found all three bids too high. Council rejected the bids and has decided to move the force main to the other side of road so a sidewalk does not have to be replaced. With the change, the project will be done in-house.

Council received on update from CBCL on their design of pumping equipment to get Mulgrave’s new water plant operational. Once the design is complete that project will go to tender.

The swearing in of two new councillors is expected to be held on June 19 during a special council meeting. A special election was held June 3 to fill the two vacancies, with Tanya Snow (150 votes) and Bob Russell (146 votes) winning the three-way race. Michael Shaw took 103 votes.The turnout was 40.5 per cent of eligible voters.