Sunnyville teen’s basketball success story

By Lois Ann Dort    
June 28 2017

SUNNYVILLE – Last year The Journal brought you the story of Tyrese Borden who, at that time, had just been chosen to play in the provincial basketball U15 team. That was just the beginning of this basketball odyssey. By the end of the summer, Borden’s team had won the the gold in the National Basketball Championship in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This year Borden continues to make strides on the court, holding the position of forward on the Nova Scotia Basketball U16 team.

Borden, a 6’4” Grade 10 student at Guysborough Academy, says his experience last year on the U15 team really helps him on the court with his new team. Most of the players on the U16 team were unknown to Borden before the season started. To date they have played in New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Halifax.

Unlike last year’s U15 team experience, there is less travel involved with the U16 team and no national competition but Borden says, “The games are a lot more interesting this year I find. Personally I play a lot more this year than I did last year. It really helps me and it makes me better.”

In this, his second year representing Nova Scotia on the basketball court, Borden finds that he’s focused more on his training; he’s in the gym at school, constantly dribbling the ball at home and he says diet has played into his regime. “I even eat healthier nowadays. I don’t drink as much pop and juice as I used to. I am trying to keep my body in shape.”

Outside of basketball, Borden has other interests including acting which he was introduced to this year in Grade 10 Drama. He was the male lead in the recent school production of Beauty and the Beast and garnered rave revues from all who saw his performance. “In front of all those people and performing as a main character was pretty fun,” he says noting that time on the basketball court, playing in front of hundreds of people, made him immune to stage fright and he enjoyed the experience.

This year won’t conclude with the thrill of a national championship but Borden is happy with the season so far and hopes to be back on these pages next year as a member of the U17 team.