Cash crunch in Guysborough

By Lois Ann Dort    
October 4 2017

GUYSBOROUGH – In an interview with The Journal last summer RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Dal Hutchinson, when commenting on the phone service interruption that garnered Guysborough attention across the province, said it was important to always keep a half tank of gas in your car and a moderate amount of cash at hand in case of unforeseen circumstances. If Guysborough and area residents didn’t hear his message then, they certainly will heed it now as the village’s only bank machine has been out of service for the past six days; days which included the weekend when the Royal Bank of Canada branch was not open to clients.

Tuesday morning, Patricia DePalma, RBC regional VP for Cape Breton and North Eastern Nova Scotia spoke to The Journal about the interruption of service. “We recognize the importance of the availability of that bank machine in the marketplace. The fact that it is the only bank machine in that area is a very serious concern of ours as well.

“First and foremost we want to say a big thank you for your patience to our clients. We know that not having access to funds is a serious issue...It is unfortunate that it went over a weekend. That complicates things exponentially for our customers.”

The problem was a technical one; the machine in question suffered from a mechanical breakdown. Repair technicians were sent to the location on Thursday and determined that a part was needed to restore operations. The part was ordered as quickly as possible, said DePalma, and it should be installed on Tuesday.

“There was no delay on our part in terms of escalating this or in terms of getting the service provider out there to diagnose what was wrong. If it could have been fixed that day, by all means it would have been done. But we did have to order a part this time around,” DePalma said.

“It is a very busy machine and like any piece of equipment, the more it’s used, the more likely it is to break and the more often it needs to be maintained. We do have regular maintenance and check-ups that are done on all of our bank machines...but sometimes a part breaks and you have to order it...Unfortunately that is the experience we are going through now. It’s an unintended consequence of how busy that machine is.

“I want our clients to know we are sorry for the inconvenience and we are working quickly to get it fixed...It is a priority for us,” said DePalma at the conclusion of the interview.

As The Journal goes to press on Tuesday afternoon, the RBC bank machine is still out of service.