Local firefighters undergo intense training

By Lois Ann Dort    
October 25 2017

GUYSBOROUGH – If you have been in Guysborough this week you probably noticed that the Milford Haven Fire Department was a hive of activity. Fire trucks from departments across the Municipality of the District of Guysborough were on site as well as firefighters dressed in full gear and a long, fire-scorched trailer parked in the driveway. All this action was part of an important training opportunity for local firefighters provided by the Mobile Burn Unit (MBU) from the Nova Scotia Firefighters School from Tuesday, October 17 to Sunday, October 22.

The Nova Scotia Firefighters School has had the MBU for approximately seven years but this is the first time the unit was brought to Guysborough. Over the course of the week, local firefighters from across the MODG logged over 30 hours in training, attending sessions on fire control, ventilation techniques, live fire attacks, personal protection and search techniques.

The MBU uses propane gas to simulate kitchen fires, a living room, BBQ fires and pan fires. “They use propane as a cleaner burning fire instead of using combustible materials...It is a lot better for the environment and it is safer as well. They can immediately shut off the fire by turning off the gas,” said Milford Haven Deputy Fire Chief Shawn Andrews.

Training in the MBU is an unparalleled experience for firefighters where they can learn essential techniques in a safe, but live fire environment. “Safety is number one through knowledge for the fire service as well as being able to experience fire in a safe and controlled environment so they can take that knowledge into the field,” said Andrews.

Andrews, on a final note, wanted to thank all the firefighters who took part in the training; all volunteers, who spent a week of their time working to protect communities in the MODG.