St. Mary’s creates Youth Advisory Committee

November 29 2017

SHERBROOKE – The Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s is celebrating Municipal Awareness Week by announcing the creation of a new Youth Advisory Committee. The Committee will be made up of youth ages 13-18 in its inception year who will provide feedback to Municipal Councillors on issues of the day. In its pilot year, the Youth Advisory Committee will be made up of members of the St. Mary’s Education Centre/Academy Student Council along with class representatives from Grades eight to 12.

Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s Warden Michael Mosher says the new committee will be a great way to connect youth with municipal politics, “We are very excited to have an opportunity to work more closely with the youth in our community and hear their opinions on the work that we are doing, as well as new ideas.”

Warden Mosher said councillors are excited to get involved in the committee as well, “Councillors have been discussing the idea of attending meetings of the new Youth Advisory Committee to help make new connections with the youth in the committee and work with the youth on different initiatives.”

Student Council President Graci Fleet says the committee will give youth a new voice in their community, “The youth in our community have tons of great ideas and are interested in making a difference, but many times aren’t given the opportunity to do so outside of the school. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate what our youth are capable of.”

In addition to the creation of the Youth Advisory Committee, the Municipality invited youth to take part in one of their Committee of the Whole meetings on November 15, 2017. Students from the Grade 11 English class sat in on a portion of the councils committee and were given the opportunity to ask questions and speak one on one with councillors.

The first act of the Youth Advisory Committee in St. Mary’s will be to create a Terms of Reference document to help guide the work of the group. It is the hope of the municipality to have the group up and running in the New Year.

For more information: Director of Community Development & Recreation Kerri Penney (902) 522-2598

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