Province announces support for Guysborough trails

By Lois Ann Dort    
December 27 2017

It was a busy time of year, but on December, 22 people from all over Guysborough County came to the village of Guysborough for an important funding announcement made by Guysborough – Eastern Shore – Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines.

In support of the sustained volunteer effort by members of the Guysborough County Trails Association over the years, the provincial government presented a cheque to the organization worth $50,000 to assist in a $75,000 rebuilding plan for the Trans Canada Trail in the Guysborough area; particularly a section of trail from Salmon River Lake to North Ogden. The funds are part of the provincial budget commitment last fall of $1,000,000 for the expansion of trail access across the province.

Hines, when making the announcement on funding, spoke of the dedication of the local volunteers. When the amount was announced, a rousing applause came from those in attendance, mainly GCTA members. And Hines said, “That round of applause belongs to you guys, because it is your work that makes it easy for me to support those kinds of applications (for funding).”

GCTA members have already started work on the rebuilding project, having recently completed the rebuild of the bridge on the trail near Salmon River Lake, at the Hippie Camp; a popular trail destination.

“The trails are a big undertaking,” said Hines noting the importance of the trails for local tourism, community health and recreation.

Philip Hochman, chair of the GCTA, also addressed those assembled for the announcement, thanking members whose work over the years, has kept the association going; constantly improving trails in the area to the benefit of all residents and visitors.

"Guysborough County Trails Association is deeply appreciative of this grant,” said Hochman. “The funds will be utilized to the fullest to create the best multi-use trail in Guysborough County. The work has already begun and will be finished in summer 2018."