Plumbing woes at CEC / GA

By Lois Ann Dort    
March 7 2018

GUYSBOROUGH – In recent weeks plumbing issues at Chedabucto Education Centre / Guysborough Academy have reduced access to some bathrooms in the school.

SRSB Coordinator of Communications Deanna Gillis said in an email interview that the problem arose three weeks ago and “some students in the upper elementary and junior high wing were asked to access another washroom area in the school. This will remain in effect until the problem has been resolved.”

The problem arose due to damage to the sewer line. The SRSB has been working with the Municipality of the District of Guysborough to resolve the problem. Part of the sewer line will be replaced. Gillis stated, “The new line will be located on the school side of Green Street and extend to the treatment plant at the bottom of Green Street. This work will not be located under the new soccer field.”