Marine fenders come ashore in Guysborough

By Lois Ann Dort    
March 21 2018

GUYSBOROUGH – Last week residents of Guysborough awoke to a strange sight; three large marine fenders, a bumper used to absorb the energy of a boat as it docks with a wharf or another boat, stranded on the sand spit at the mouth of Guysborough Harbour.

The fenders, each the size of a small mini-home, had come ashore and grounded on the sand spit that stretches out towards the village of Guysborough from McCaul Island on the eastern side of Guysborough Harbour. The fenders arrived on Wednesday after a series of days with strong northeast winds.

Inquires indicate that the fenders belong to Superport Marine Services in Port Hawkesbury. When The Journal contacted the company for comment on the fenders, they stated no comment would be made on the issue at this time.

The fenders were removed from the sand spit on Tuesday afternoon by a tugboat.

A source told The Journal that the fenders were used between ships when transferring cargo from ship to ship.