Citizens’ group petitions MODG for town hall meeting

By Helen Murphy    
April 4 2018

GUYSBOROUGH – A group of local residents will make a presentation to MODG council at its meeting on Wednesday, April 4, to ask council to agree to a town hall-style meeting.

The Guysborough Communities Coalition (GCC) said in a media statement it was “created to bring dialogue and transparency between citizens of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) and its council...”

A three-member delegation from the group will ask council to agree to a town hall-style meeting open to all residents of MODG.

“Citizens have discussed much lately about the MODG Council being inaccessible, secretive and unwilling to engage with the constituents it represents,” the media statement said. “Given the council’s unilateral pro-fracking position, the county’s shrinking population, doctor shortages, increases in property taxes, and the lack of much-needed infrastructure, the GCC believes change is not only necessary but imperative if the county is going to survive.”

The group highlighted an excerpt from the province’s Guide for New Municipal Councillors (2016) in its statement: “Participation by the public is a key factor in ensuring a healthy and representative democracy. Residents should feel their council provides enough opportunities for feedback and community opinions. Your council should provide ample opportunities for public engagement. Open and transparent meetings help residents feel connected to the municipal decision-making process and that their opinions are heard by council.”

Wednesday’s council meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m.