Maritime Launch Services to start construction in coming months

May 2 2018

The company planning to start construction of a rocket launch facility in the coming months is now submitting its environment assessment report for the Dept. of Environment. Strum Consulting completed all the data collection required for the assessment for Maritime Launch Services and has compiled the report. Once accepted by the department, the government conducts a 50-day review which includes a 30-day period for public input.

In its recent update newsletter, MLS also reported on its work to raise the $10 million required to build the launch complex. The company has partnered with Jacob Capital Management, based in Toronto, to lead its investor strategy team.

MLS has also finalized its first phase of contracts with launch vehicle suppliers, Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash. These contracts will continue the development of the Cyclone 4M and the launch complex design. Also in conjunction with Yuzhnoye, MLS has compiled a comprehensive design input document for the launch complex. This is an end-to-end design criteria for the development of the spaceport.

The company also has a signed letter of intent from a client that intends to use MLS's spaceport for the launch of their own rocket. "This company sees the market potential our site offers to launch smaller payloads into low earth orbit. While their launch vehicle is still under development, their intention is to tap the services MLS provides to be able to launch their rocket beginning in four to five years," the company stated. MLS is also working closely with new satellite clients that plan to put their payloads aboard the Cyclone 4M with new letters of intent being signed.

MLS had intended to start construction in the spring of this year, but with the time needed for site approval and financing, the schedule has been adjusted with the project to start as early as late summer.