New cultural institute gets provincial funding

June 27 2018

Sherbrooke Village, under the leadership of Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Flemming, is currently in the planning stages to bring a new project to the Eastern Shore; the Rural Institute for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sustainability (RICHES). Last week, the project received funding from the provincial Culture Innovation Fund. The Honourable Lloyd Hines, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, attended a dinner in Sherbrooke to announce the province's $68,500 investment in the project.

In his address during the dinner, Minister Hines spoke of his long-time commitment to the Village and said, “The Culture Innovation Fund invests in initiatives and projects carried out by organizations, partnerships, and collaborations working to use creativity and our diverse culture to address social issues and opportunities within communities. The fund also supports initiatives intended to strengthen the role of Nova Scotia’s museums and libraries.”

Hines went on to say, “if the enthusiasm in the room was a gage to the success of the project, it was going to be a great success.”

Flemming told the audience of about 65 people, including MP Sean Fraser, who attended the dinner, “as Sherbrooke Village’s 50th anniversary legacy project for 2020, we propose to establish the Rural Institute for Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sustainability (RICHES) as a vital community hub for growth of the culture sector in Eastern Nova Scotia. The mandate of RICHES will be to provide training and opportunities to make use of the cultural and natural riches of rural Nova Scotia, with the aim of building increased capacity for cultural and economic development while fostering the vibrancy of rural communities.

“With a special focus on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, we propose to develop partnerships and professional curriculum to foster the growth of sustainable rural tourism in cultural and natural heritage alongside programming to enrich rural life through continual learning and skills training. RICHES will become a much sought-after training centre for experiential tourism in Nova Scotia and aligns well with several objectives of the Culture Action Plan.”