413 Squadron marks 12th anniversary of Cormorant helicopter crash

July 18 2018

CANSO – While conducting routine training near Canso on Friday, July 13, 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron (T&R) based at 14 Wing Greenwood participated in an intimate memorial to mark the 12th anniversary of the CH149 Cormorant helicopter crash that occurred there on 13 July, 2006.

The Cormorant’s seven-member crew were practicing in night boat hoisting from the fishing vessel, Four Sisters No. 1, which was part of the CCG Auxiliary Maritimes fleet. At approximately 12:30 a.m., during an attempted go-around from an approach to the fishing vessel, the aircraft hit the water.

Three pilots and the Search and Rescue technician team lead were injured, but survived. Two flight engineers and a Search and Rescue technician, Sgt Duane Brazil, Cpl Trevor McDavid and MCpl Kirk Noel were unable to exit the aircraft and lost their lives.

Last Friday, a CC130 Hercules aircraft and a CH149 Cormorant helicopter from 413 (T&R) Squadron conducted standard training in the area. After the Cormorant landed, the squadron commanding officer, chief warrant officer and air crew took part in the memorial services at the Canso Harbour Cormorant Memorial.