Little Liscomb wharf gets upgrade with federal funds

September 12 2018

LITTLE LISCOMB – The fishing community of Little Liscomb is welcoming a federal investment in its wharf.

Sean Fraser, Member of Parliament for Central Nova, was in the community on Friday, Sept. 6, to announce the federal investments in construction of a new crib structure with a reinforced concrete deck and a new electrical system.

In July of 2016, MP Fraser announced a federal investment of over $10.8 million for the repair and maintenance of harbour infrastructure at seven small craft harbours in Central Nova. Specific costs of the Little Liscomb project are not able to be shared before the tendering process is completed, as it could negatively impact the competitive bid process.

“I’ve been working with the Harbour Authority of Little Liscomb and DFO for well over a year now and am thrilled to see this vital piece of infrastructure being restored in this community,” said Fraser in a media release. “This wharf has been an integral part of the local economy for generations, and I am so proud to see this investment by the federal government to ensure it continues for many generations more. Additionally, an investment in this small craft harbour not only helps the commercial fishing industry, but the community as a whole. The work carried out will not only renew and maintain the infrastructure that is essential to the region, but also stimulate job opportunities that will benefit fishers and support our local communities.”

Jonathan Wilkinson, minister of Fisheries, said investing in small craft harbours demonstrates the federal government’s commitment to local economies. “We are proud of this investment to support the fishing industry — a key economic sector that helps support coastal communities across the country.”

The Government of Canada is investing $250 million over two years to renew its network of small craft harbours and work with municipalities and other stakeholders to enhance local communities, economies and foster job creation. This is in addition to $100 million that will be invested in 2018-19 for repairs, maintenance, construction, and dredging at core commercial fishing harbours across Canada.

The mandate of the Small Craft Harbours Program is to keep harbours critical to the commercial fishing industry open and in good repair. Small craft harbours provide critical support to the commercial fishing industry, which had landings valued at almost $3.4 billion in 2016.

Harbour restoration projects are undertaken in cooperation with the local harbour authorities that manage and operate facilities for local users.