Goldboro Gold Project

Anaconda disappointed with EA response

By Helen Murphy    
September 26 2018

GUYSBOROUGH – Anaconda Mining suffered a setback in its plans to establish a gold mine in Goldboro last week, with the Minister of Environment asking for a more detailed "focus report" as the company pursues environmental approval.

"We are disappointed with the delay, but recognize the importance of ensuring that the Government of Nova Scotia has confidence in our ability to implement an environmentally responsible project," Anaconda spokesperson Lynn Hammond told The Journal Sunday.

"Our preliminary review of the comments by government departments and agencies identify a request for expanded information, rather than identifying any unanticipated concerns," she said.

"We will continue to work with the Government of Nova Scotia, Goldboro Community Liaison Committee, Municipality of District of Guysborough, Mi’kmaq Representatives, and other stakeholders to address any outstanding questions or concerns about the project."

On September 19, the minister released a decision in response to Ananconda's environmental assessment (EA) application, saying the information submitted "is insufficient to make a decision on the project, and a focus report is required..."

The minister's response says the focus report must examine potential impacts and describe mitigation measures related to: soil, water resources, wetlands, flora and fauna, species at risk, fish and fish habitat, air quality, noise, human health, acid rock drainage, hazardous materials, waste management, contaminated sites management and contingency planning.

Anaconda has up to one year to compile and submit the requested information.

The company plans to develop and operate a 575-tonne per day, 24 hour/day, seven-days-a-week surface and underground gold mine along with a concentrator and accompanying tailings facility on Goldbrook Road in Goldboro. Site construction and preliminary production would begin in 2020, with a currently projected completion in 2029.