Blair George honoured for 30 years on council

By Katherine Murphy    
November 14 2018

GUYSBOROUGH – Blair George, councillor for district four in the Municipality of Guysborough, was honoured last week at the annual conference of the N.S. Federation of Municipalities for his 30 years of service to local government.

In a conversation with The Journal on Monday, George shared what inspired him to seek a seat on council three decades ago.

“I wanted to make a difference and fight for our economy,” he said.

And that, he added, hasn’t been an easy road. He talked of the challenge in bringing people together around new ideas, giving the example of having a dispute with his own family members over establishing an ice surface in Guysborough. The councillor said initiatives like the ice surface and other amenities in the new Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex are for the betterment of the municipality as a whole.

A lot of changes have taken place in the municipality since George was first elected, the CLC is the latest major development.

“We have many projects in the works,” he said, touching on the various national and international companies that have chosen the municipality for their planned investments.

“We see a future for Guysborough County,” he said in reference to MODG's work to attract development and put the conditions in place for business to succeed.

The Journal asked Blair about what he sees as the highlight over his career as councillor. “We have the lowest residential tax rate in Nova Scotia, and we were able to achieve this through revenues from various projects,” he answered.

Looking to the future for the municipality, Councillor George points to natural resource development as his priority for building a prosperous future for local communities.