McNeil bottoms out national job approval ratings in new Angus Reid poll

December 27 2018

It's always good to know where you stand even if that standing is at the bottom of the pack—that may be what Premier McNeil of Nova Scotia is thinking as he muses over the latest Angus Reid Poll, released December 20, which places him dead last in the electorates' premier job approval ratings across the country.

This quarterly survey of Canadians about their premiers finds the middle of the pack holding their own — Ford of Ontario; Horgan of B.C. and Higgs of N.B. — while the least approved-of provincial leaders in the country are at or just above the 30 per cent mark; McNeil rated the lowest at 30 per cent. The highest rated premiers were Legault of Quebec, 59 per cent and Moe of Sask. at 57 per cent.

Nonetheless McNeil has not lost any ground, he's ending the year as he started it, with the approval of three-in-ten residents (30 per cent). Some of the most high profile criticism of McNeil has come from the province’s teachers union. The union solicited its own survey of Nova Scotia residents, finding that only 17 per cent believe the provincial government has done a good job managing the public school system.