Road work, bridge at Clam Harbour River on DoT's emergency list

By Lois Ann Dort    
January 9 2019

GUYSBOROUGH – Last week a letter to the editor by Ralph Sams raised concerns about road safety on Hwy. 344, specifically the section between Manchester and Port Shoreham where culverts allow for passage of the Clam Harbour River. The bridge over the culverts is currently down to one lane due to issues with the culverts.

An inquiry about the situation to MLA Lloyd Hines, who also serves as minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, received the following communication from his constituency office: “An emergency application to the Dept. of Environment was made before Christmas to enable work to begin immediately...An assessment exploring options for a permanent fix will move forward.” The timeline for repairs depends on when the emergency application is approved.

In an email interview with The Journal, Marla MacInnis, a media relations advisor for the Department for Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, stated that the department is monitoring the bridge in question regularly and looking at repair options “that will allow both lanes to be open until replacement. We’ve begun the process of applying for environmental permits that are required to make these repairs. Acquiring these permits will help inform the repair timeline.”

Neil DeCoff, the district representative in the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, told The Journal he is aware of constituents safety concerns and has voiced those concerns to the province.