Guysborough agency launches podcast on rural innovation in Canada

GUYSBOROUGH – Broadhorns Communications in Guysborough launched on Jan. 29 a weekly podcast, Rural Spark, that explores rural innovation across Canada, both social and economic.

"We were inspired by some of the things we've seen happening in Guysborough County and seeing the challenges facing rural Canada today," says podcast host Helen Murphy. "We realized there was a lack of a space where success stories, promising practices and lessons learned could be shared."

The Rural Spark podcast launched with three episodes this week on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. The podcast opens with an interview with Dr. Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation at the University of Saskatchewan.

"We were really pleased to have Dr. Coates as our first guest, where he shares his insights on rural innovation and calls on rural communities in Canada do more to break the mold in terms of how they address serious challenges like outmigration," says Murphy. "And we were happy to talk about Guysborough County in that conversation, as an example of the beautiful rural communities in Canada that would welcome more remote workers and young innovators."

Also in the first three episodes is a discussion with Dr. Roger Strasser, CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) about rural physician recruitment in Canada, the success of the NOSM approach to addressing rural healthcare needs, and what Canada can learn from initiatives in other countries.

An international perspective on rural innovation is shared in an episode featuring former Google executive Matt Dunne on his Vermont organization's work to establish rural innovation hubs across the U.S., and his thoughts on Canada's capacity for rural innovation.

Broadhorns Communications is a division of Addington Publications Ltd., publisher of the Guysborough Journal.

Rural Spark's content editor is Katherine Murphy and technical producer is Tara Siebarth.