Following council debate, MODG changes bulk bins program

By Katherine Murphy    

GUYSBOROUGH – A decision to increase the District of Guysborough's annual bulk garbage pick-up by one container would benefit those living in and around Country Harbour, but debate ensued at last Wednesday’s monthly council meeting after a question was raised concerning Little Dover, which was not scheduled to get a container. Residents of Little Dover currently travel just under five kilometres to the nearest bulk waste container.

In a conversation with The Journal following the meeting, Warden Vernon Pitts shared his perspective on the issue.

“The decision is based on need, and the amount that’s being used,” he said. "It comes down to personnel, we just don’t have the staff.”

The warden said the limited staff restricts the number of projects that can be operating simultaneously. Pitts emphasized the additional pressure on staff in the spring season, when public spaces require attention to prepare for the warmer days ahead.

He also noted that the municipality offers monthly roadside bulk collection. Bulk items can be placed at roadside on the last collection day of the month, throughout the municipality, he said.

However on Tuesday, April 23, a notice went out to residents stating that the current bulk container program has been cancelled, and a new program will be announced on May 3. Information on the new program will be sent to all mailboxes in MODG that day, including the new schedule with dates and locations.

“After receiving some feedback, we're going to ask council to consider a new staff recommendation at a meeting on May 1st,” MODG CAO Barry Carroll told The Journal about the change.

In other business, council awarded a tender for construction of cell number five in the municipal landfill to Nova Construction. The tender came in at just over three million dollars. Work on the project is slated to begin immediately and is projected to be completed in the fall.