Council news

Mulgrave town office may move to former school

Solutions sought for fire dept. funding

By By Helen Murphy    

MULGRAVE – Town council is considering moving Mulgrave’s town office to the former school that it now owns. Town CAO Darlene Berthier Sampson told The Journal Monday that a motion was made to move operations to the school no later than July 1, 2019, and the town is now in talks with Canada Post to see if the local post office could be moved there as well.

“That would provide two anchor tenants,” she said. The Mulgrave and Area Revitalization Association, which includes members of town council, has been exploring opportunities to make use of the school for the betterment of the community. The idea of moving town offices and the post office there has broad support, said Berthier Sampson.

At last week’s council meeting, the CAO presented a first draft of a new operating budget and capital budget. There was discussion around the assumptions reflected in the draft, and updated budgets will be presented at the next meeting of council. Berthier Sampson said a budget cannot be finalized until a decision about moving to the former school is made. The town currently rents office space elsewhere.

In other council business, the town has requested financial statements from Mulgrave’s volunteer fire department but that request has been declined. Berthier Sampson said this issue has been raised a couple of times in the past at council. The town is now considering transferring funding directly to the fire department so it can pay its bills itself, instead of the town paying for expenses like training and electricity on its behalf. This would entail dividing the yearly funding into 12 monthly payments. Bernier Sampson said this is the practice of some other municipalities.

She said the town wants to have practices put into place to prevent the fire dept. from going over budget in the future.