Sherbrooke community gathers for local book launch

By Marsha Barron    

On Monday, June 17, 2019, inspirational author, Mandy Rudolph, was met with the same love and support in launching her new book, My Life Has Not Been Easy as she has received in her lengthy battle with leukemia and multiple strokes.

The Sherbrooke SHOPS program hosted a successful, yet emotional, event that was attended by Rudolph’s family, friends, teachers, students, healthcare workers, and an impressive number of community members.

Rudolph’s book is a relatable memoir for readers as she so honestly depicts the human needs and qualities people so often share. In chapter 11, Who I Am, her descriptive list includes, “need someone to love me,” “sometimes weak,” and “scared at times.” Additionally, Rudolph represents herself as a person of “hope,” and one who is “loyal, caring and funny.”

My Life Has Not Been Easy is a straight forward, easy to read, account of what it is like to live with severe illness, and at the same time brightly shine in the faith of God.

A former teacher and speaker at Rudolph’s book launch, Raymond Mason recalls his former student as one who helped him grow spiritually and emotionally, as he says he watched her calmly abide under stress, hardship and suffering.

A second speaker of the event was Estelle Doucit, one of three former oncology nurses who were in attendance, and some of Rudolph’s first caregivers at the IWK hospital in Halifax. Doucit also reiterated how the support from Mandy’s family, friends and community, combined with great love and trust in the lord, were the elements that kept Mandy thriving when many in her situation did not make it. Doucit also explained how Mandy’s family provided her with a greater awareness of the effect illness has on families while giving to their loved ones.

My Life Has Not Been Easy is what Rudolph feels she has been called to do; to share her story, to perhaps help others who may need encouragement, or it just may be a book that delivers your opportunity to also make a difference.