Mulgrave Road could find new home in old NSLC building

By Katherine Murphy    

GUYSBOROUGH – At MODG's regular council meeting on Wednesday, July 17, council moved to prepare a letter of intent to purchase the recently vacated NSLC building from the province and flip it to Mulgrave Road Theatre. A request for the deal was made to council by the theatre company. Mulgrave Road, now located on Main St. in the heart of Guysborough, is seeking a bigger space in the community.

Emmy Alcorn, artistic director at Mulgrave Road Theatre, told The Journal that the theatre has been working with MODG as well as the province for over a year to make this expansion a reality.

“We created a strategic plan in 2014," she said Monday. "One of our key priorities was new infrastructure in order to carry out our mandate and make deeper connections in our community.”

The old NSLC property on Marine Drive near Guysborough Memorial Hospital is currently owned by the Dept. of Transportation. Warden Vernon Pitts stated the property will likely be offered to other provincial departments first, and if there’s no uptake it will then be offered to the municipality.

“We’ve requested that the purchase price be one dollar,” he said. “Our intentions are that if we do end up with the property, we will in turn flip it to Mulgrave Road Theatre."

Pitts also offered reasoning for the theatre to be the beneficiary of the transaction: "Some people may ask, why Mulgrave Road Theatre? The theatre is the one who approached us, they’re the only game presently in play. With the new location they will have many more opportunities for programs throughout the communities – I think it’s a great fit.”

MODG expects to hear back from the province within four to five months.

In other business, council approved a request from a housing research project based in Richmond County for a letter of support. The project is seeking provincial funds to research housing needs in the counties of Richmond, Antigonish and Guysborough.