Summer residents swim across Chedabucto Bay

GUYSBOROUGH – On Friday, August 23 two summer residents of Port Shoreham swam 8.5km across the Chedabucto Bay from Halfway Cove to Port Shoreham Provincial Park. It isn’t known if this is a first; some local residents report they haven't heard of anyone who has completed the journey across the bay.

George MacMasters, 62, from Boston and his cousin Kelvin Sams, 54, from Halifax made a plan last summer to attempt a crossing of the bay. MacMasters has a strong background in long-distance swimming and is the former aquatic coordinator of Harvard University. He swam the English Channel successfully in 1994, completing 38kms in 12 hours. MacMasters also competed in the World Championships on the Nile River in 1994.

Sams is new to long-distance swimming and began his training for the swim in January, joining a Master Swim Club in Halifax. Both men gained their love of swimming in MacPherson Lake at a very young age. They have ancestral ties to Port Shoreham and both have family cottages on the lake.

"The conditions on Friday were perfect for the swim," said MacMasters. He said the quality of the water and the temperature as well as having a wonderful crew in boats came together for a successful crossing. They left from the shore of Halfway Cove at 7:30 a.m. and he touched the shore of Chedabucto Bay three hours later without stopping. Sams arrived four hours after leaving with a couple of planned breaks on the journey. A remarkable feat for both men, they arrived to rousing cheering from family and friends who had gathered at the public beach to welcome them.

Their fans await word on their next adventure.