Minimal damage at Sherbrooke Village

By Helen Murphy    

SHERBROOKE – Sherbrooke Village staff, local residents and supporters of the living museum are thankful this week that the impact of Hurricane Dorian to the historical buildings and trees was kept to a minimum.

“Although without power for three days and numerous trees fallen, there was no structural damage other than a few small windows and no injuries,” Events Manager Lynn Hayne told The Journal Tuesday.

Restoration Director Rodney MacDougall has been working diligently to remove fallen trees and debris since Sunday, she said.

“Clean up will continue to ensure the Village is ready to open Wednesday and to be prepared for this weekend’s Show & Shine which has been rescheduled for September 14th and 15th due to the storm,” said MacDougall.

“Executive Director Dr. Stephen Flemming was especially relieved to find that the all of the large, heritage breed trees were left standing,” said Hayne.

The Village has been closed since Saturday due to Dorian’s forecast and subsequent lack of power.

A small number of Nova Scotia Power customers in the Sherbrooke area remained without power on Tuesday morning.