MODG gets extension in building new compost facility

By Helen Murphy    
October 30 2019

GUYSBOROUGH – After only one bid came in to build a new compost facility for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough -- at a higher cost than council was comfortable with -- the municipality requested and has received at extension on the project to next year.

Federal and provincial funds allotted for the work were to be spent in 2019. The extension gives MODG time to look at other options, and according to Warden Vernon Pitts that includes acting as its own general contractor to build the facility.

"We are thinking about maybe taking on the general contractor role ourselves, as a municipality...and subcontracting out different aspects of it, breaking it down," Pitts said during an interview Monday.

The lone bid for the work came in at $1.79 million, while the full budgeted cost is $1.8 million and some necessary items were not included in the bid, said the warden.

"These buildings are quite substantial," said Pitts. "They are 80 feet by 200 feet and there are two of them, with frost walls and slabs."

"I was very surprised that no local contractors did bid on it," he said, adding that most local contractors seem to be currently busy with other work.