MODG council

Video surveillance to tackle illegal dumping

By Helen Murphy    
November 27 2019

GUYSBOROUGH – If you've been dumping illegally, you could be on Guysborough's version of Candid Camera. The Municipality of the District of Guysborough has installed video cameras to catch those illegally dumping in various areas of the municipality.

Warden Vernon Pitts mentioned the new cameras in his regular update from the Eastern Region Solid Waste Management committee during the monthly meeting of MODG council last Wednesday, Nov. 20.

"It's too big a problem, way too big a problem in this day and age," Warden Pitts said of the continuing blight of illegal dumping as he spoke with media after the meeting.

"We have a solid waste pickup in every driveway within the municipality. We pick up everything -- and I'm saying everything. We have a heavy haul once monthly...We pick up our organic weekly as well as solid waste or recyclables every other week."

The pickup of heavy items has helped address the longstanding problem, he said, "but we still have people within the municipality with the mindset that it's much easier to load it onto a truck or in the trunk of their vehicle, drive five miles down the road to a wood road and dump it there.

"It makes much more sense to put it at the end of the driveway. That way we keep our our municipality beautiful and we can enjoy it."

After trying to address the problem for years, MODG will not go lightly on perpetrators, in terms of fines, he said.

"Yes it gets very steep," he said of fines. "And mark my words, we're going to catch someone...We've caught them in the past. Now we're going to start making these people examples and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The warden declines to say how many cameras have been installed, or where. He said signage indicates cameras are in a certain area.