Mulgrave concerns valid

Minister responds to dangers at Exit 40

By Katherine Murphy    
January 8 2020

In a letter sent to the Town of Mulgrave, the Dept. of Transportation says the town’s concerns about dangers at Exit 40 are justified. Minister of Transportation Lloyd Hines' letter responding to safety concerns was shared with council at last night's meeting. After preliminary video monitoring was carried out at the TCH intersection with highway 334 in Auld’s Cove, the department concluded that there are challenges for turning vehicles.

The town had taken action to raise their safety concerns with various departments and other parties. Speaking to the The Journal following the council meeting, Mayor Ralph Hadley said that it shouldn’t have taken the Town’s advocacy to have the issues addressed.

“They spent millions of dollars putting that infrastructure in, they should have looked at the safety concerns of vehicles turning into Mulgrave," he said. "I'm hoping that no one is going to get hurt.”

Hadley spoke with Minister Hines last week and received confirmation that the department will work to rectify the current safety hazards.

Mulgrave residents using Exit 40 to Mulgrave have reported many close calls with transfer trucks using the wrong lane while turning into the Irving Big Stop that re-opened there in August, directly across from the exit to Mulgrave. CAO Darlene Berthier Sampson has spoken with an employee from Irving, who indicated that Irving would review the design of the Big Stop to assess if it was executed according to plan.

In the meantime, the province has hired Dartmouth-based Harbourside Transportation Consultants to conduct a traffic and operations safety review of the intersection.