Mulgrave and MODG wait for provincial letter of intent

Amalgamation schedule hits snag

By Lois Ann Dort    
April 13 2016

MULGRAVE – The UARB meetings planned for May 24 and 25 to hear the plans for amalgamation between Mulgrave and the Municipality of the District of Guysborough will be postponed to the end of June. Mulgrave Mayor Lorne MacDonald told The Journal on Tuesday that the province had yet to provide the MODG with a letter of intent. The letter of intent from the province, Department of Municipal Affairs, will outline provincial funding for the amalgamation of Mulgrave with the MODG.

“They are waiting for the province to say, ‘This is what Guysborough is going to get for funding for any infrastructure improvements,’ and things like that, over the next five years. They did not get that letter of intent, draft form, yet to say this is what money Mulgrave is entitled to when they join the municipality,” said MacDonald.

In other business, most of the cracks in the wet wells of the new water treatment plant have been repaired and the wells have been filled with no complications. “We are getting closer to commissioning our new water treatment plant; which is great,” said MacDonald.

Concerns about Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre are still top of mind in Mulgrave as the SAERC feeder system goes through the school review process. The Strait Regional School Board will hold a board meeting and vote on the future of the school at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 13 at the SAERC Auditorium in Port Hawkesbury.