Anonymous donor gives $20,000 to local hospital foundation for COVID-19 response

By Helen Murphy    
April 8 2020

GUYSBOROUGH – As the widespread impact of COVID-19 became clearer in recent weeks, Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines was approached by a resident who wanted to help.

“They wanted to help the greater Guysborough community and felt the Guysborough Hospital would be the organization that could have the greatest effect,” Hines told The Journal Monday. “They know and trust me so they wanted to work through me. They wish to remain anonymous throughout.”

The donor gave $20,000 to the Guysborough Memorial Hospital Foundation specifically to help fight the coronavirus at the local hospital. After six months, any remaining funds can be used for other purposes, said Hines.

Bill Innis, chairperson of the Guysborough Memorial Hospital Foundation, said the charity was very pleased to accept this substantial donation “to provide the hospital with protective equipment to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.”