St. Mary's moves forward on infrastructure improvements

By Lois Ann Dort    
April 13 2016

SHERBROOKE – The District of the Municipality of St. Mary’s passed a motion to move forward with paving work and sewer and water line upgrades on Court Street at the regular council meeting on Monday, April 11. The motion was passed after an agreement was reached with the Department of Transportation to cost share the paving project; 50 per cent from each partner. The sewer and water line upgrades will be funded solely by the municipality.

St. Mary’s Warden Michael Mosher said the decision to move forward with the sewer and water line upgrades was the sensible thing to do before new paving work was done. “They are due and it would be a good idea to replace those before we cover those in pavement,” said Mosher. The cost to the municipality for paving will be $27,500 and an additional $10,000 has been set aside for the sewer and water line upgrades. Mosher expects the work will be done this summer.

In other business, council passed a motion to adopt the Active Transportation Plan that was recently commissioned by the municipality. The formulation of the plan cost $20,000 which was cost shared among different levels of government with the municipality covering $5,000 of the total. The plan’s goal is to make it easier for people to move around the core area of Sherbrooke in a physically active manner. The plan has a 10 year outlook and includes such strategies as trail improvements at Stone Wall Park and alliances with other municipalities to learn from their successful active transportation plans. “Recreation today is a very import part of people’s lives. We adopted the plan and hope to get started with some of the smaller steps towards implementing it,” said Mosher.