Fin Armsworthy looking to hold MODG District 8 seat

By Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative reporter    
September 23 2020

CANSO – If you live in Canso, you know Fin Armsworthy. The manager behind the family-run transport company Al Son’s Cabs and Vans Ltd., has been a municipal councillor for 20 years; 12 with the former Town of Canso, eight with the Municipality of the District of Guysborough. And once again, as an incumbent, he’s decided to throw his hat in the ring to represent the people of Canso and Canso Tickle in MODG District 8.

When asked why he was running for District 8, Armsworthy said, “I don’t think I have the job done yet. I want to make Canso better for all residents.”

At the top of the to-do list for Armsworthy is the elimination of the additional tax rate for services levied on residents in the former Town of Canso. The rate is currently $1.51 per $100 of assessment for residential properties. This rate for services is greater than any other applied in the MODG. According to the MODG website, area rates differ on certain properties due to charges levied to include fire service, street lighting, and sewer operation.

“We have a perfect community for people to move into. We have all the amenities of small-town Canada. When people come, they do stay. But we have to give them a half decent tax rate to make sure they stay in our area,” said Armsworthy of the significance of the services tax on the future of the community.

On the plus side, Armsworthy said the inshore fishery is the main industry in the Canso area, and there’s movement towards expansion. The fish plant in the community has recently finished work for the season but there are plans to increase the size of the plant which will increase employment both during the construction phase and when operations resume.

Along with being a long-time councillor, Armsworthy has also been an active volunteer in the community of Canso in organizations such as the Library Resource Society, Eastern Tip Trails Association, Canso and Area Arena and the Canso and Area Development Association, to name but a few.

Armsworthy has plenty of experience on the campaign trail but he admits this year will be very different. “It will be a very strange campaign. A lot of people are scared, and they have a right to be,” he said, adding that he’s got his campaign signs up around the community and he’ll be turning to phone calls rather than door knocks to get the vote out.

Speaking to his record on council, Armsworthy said, “I do the best job I can with what I have to work with…I have made a difference over the years.”

For voters, Armsworthy said, “I take pride in what I do and what I can do for them. And I thank them very much for their support.’

Armsworthy will be running against Silva Rehel for the District 8 seat in the MODG.