School lock-down at Chedabucto Place

By Lois Ann Dort    
April 6 2016

GUYSBOROUGH – On Friday, April 1, a code blue was initiated at Chedabucto Place resulting in a lockdown of the entire school shortly before 2 p.m. In a release to parents the reason given for the lockdown was a medical emergency incurred by one of the students.

“There weren’t any was a medical situation involving a student,” Deanna Gillis, media spokesperson for the Strait Regional School Board, told The Journal on Monday. “For safety considerations they felt the code blue needed to be implemented...As a further precaution, the RCMP were contacted and they came to the school.

“The lockdown is a procedure taken in a response to an act regarding a safety concern in the school. The classroom doors are locked...and they remain in the classroom until they are instructed otherwise and access to the school is also restricted,” said Gillis.

The lockdown lasted about eight minutes and the school resumed normal activities shortly after that time.

When asked why a medical issue would require a lockdown Gillis replied, “It was in consideration of safety. I can’t give any more specifics than that...There were safety concerns and the best course of action was a lockdown. It went very well and the students and staff did a great job responding to that.”