Final sentencing from Port Bickerton home invasion

By Helen Murphy    
April 27 2016

ANTIGONISH – A violent home invasion in Port Bickerton on March 6. 2015, has led to prison time for the last of the three accused to be sentenced. Codi James Scott Bungay-Lloyd, 22, was sentenced to four years and 10 months in jail at Supreme Court in Antigonish last Tuesday, April 19.

The sentencing followed the judge’s acceptance of a joint Crown and defense recommendation.

The two other accused, Tylor Joseph Shepley, 30 and Tyrell Kenneth Benedict, 20 were each sentenced to jail time earlier.

Bungay-Lloyd was committed to stand trial following a three-day preliminary inquiry in Provincial Court (September 15-17, 2015) on five offences, including break and enter, robbery and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

The case was scheduled for a nine-day jury- trial, to have commenced April 16. But on April 6 a resolution conference took place and the two sides arrived at a joint recommendation.

According to the statement of facts that the Crown read into the court record, on the early evening of March 6, 2015, police officers in Sherbrooke received a 911 call from a 55-year-old Port Bickerton man who lived alone. He reported that three men had entered his home through his unlocked front door with their faces concealed. Two of the intruders confronted The resident as he was seated in his living room and demanded “all his money”. The third man, Bungay-Lloyd, went immediately down the hallway to the master bedroom and could be heard throwing items about in that room.

When the resident produced a knife, he was immediately grabbed and thrown into the wall and held there. When he was able to remove the knife from its sheath and swung at the two intruders in the livingroom, they fled to the vehicle they had arrived in. The victim was able to use the hunting knife to slash three of the vehicle tires, rending the vehicle immobile.

Aware that there was a third intruder still in the house, the resident went back into the house to get his rifle. Before he could do so, he was confronted by Bungay-Loyd coming from the bedroom and carrying a large cashbox. As the victim stood between Bungay-Lloyd and the exit to the residence, the intruder attempted to flee using the side door to the home. In doing so, he smashed his way through the glass screen door of the residence.

The three men ran through the community and hid behind a church. Eventually they made their way to several homes in the community occupied by senior citizens and entered their residences to ask to use the phone to attempt to arrange a ride out of Port Bickerton. Several of the residents described their encounter with the three accused to be somewhat traumatizing. At least two of the senior residents refused to drive the accused out of the community despite offers of payment. Eventually, a senior resident who was unaware of the robbery did agree to drive them to Antigonish.

While en-route to Antigonish, the RCMP, who became aware of the description and location of the vehicle, set up a “high risk” takedown of the vehicle on Highway #7. All three accused were arrested and found to be in possession of the proceeds from the robbery.