Council news

MODG sends relief to Fort Mac

By Lois Ann Dort    
May 18 2016

GUYSBOROUGH – “That’s the easiest money I’ve ever spent,” quipped Municipality of the District of Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts after a unanimous vote to donate $5,000 to the relief effort in Fort McMurray. And why was that? According to Pitts, Fort Mac and the western oilsands have brought a lot of money into the MODG over the years and it was an easy decision to give back in their time of need.

“Fort McMurray has been very good to some of our residents and some of them are home now due to lack of work, but hopefully, in the near future, they’ll be going back to work there and spending their money in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia,” said Pitts, noting that the funds donated would be matched by the federal government and would aid people who were in dire need.

“I think it is fantastic if we can help people who are less fortunate...It’s a win-win situation all around.”

In other business, Mulgrave and the MODG are still waiting on approval of the Letter of Intent to amalgamate from the province. “There are terms there, that we’ve negotiated, and we want those terms and conditions met.”

Speaking to the initial timeline for the amalgamation of the Town of Mulgrave with the MODG, Pitts stated, “We all hoped it would be done before the next municipal election but the longer the province drags their feet, that’s longer it’s going to be pushed back on the other end.” The October date for amalgamation is still feasible, said Pitts, if the province moves within this week.

At the end of the regularly scheduled council meeting on Wednesday, May 11, council approved $60,000 for the Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex. The money will go towards transporting fill to the proposed site, which has been actively taking place since last week.

With money already being spent on the project, which has yet to have official provincial and federal buy-in or final approval from council, Pitts was asked about his confidence in the project going forward. “I assure you that project is going...Council is fully committed to that project...I am not saying when you finally pass the motion to build that you’re going to have unanimous consent; I’m not saying that. But a vast majority of the council support doing that and in doing so, it will be built.”